If you're looking for reliable, efficient equipment to help tackle precision machining projects, look no further than the rotary table by silvercnc. As experts in CNC technology, silvercnc has developed high-quality rotary tables that will ensure your intricate cutting and milling jobs are done with professional precision. These durable products are suitable for numerous industries—including the aerospace and automotive industry—and make perfect additions to any commercial or industrial metal fabrication workshop. Read on to learn more about all the benefits of investing in a silvercnc-made rotary table!

What is a Rotary Table, and How Does it Work?

A rotary table, also known as a dividing head or indexer, is a precision tool used with various machining processes to position a workpiece on any surface accurately. Rotary tables are commonly used in metalworking for drilling, milling, and grinding operations. Silvercnc offers an array of rotary tables that offer reliable performance and accuracy. Let's examine how rotary tables work and the benefits they provide.

Rotary Tables in Metalworking

Rotary tables are used in metalworking operations to position a workpiece to be machined accurately. This is done by mounting the rotary table onto the machine bed and attaching the workpiece to the table's faceplate or chuck. The faceplate or chuck holds the workpiece securely while it is being machined. Once the workpiece has been secured, the table can be rotated 360 degrees using precise gears and motions, allowing for the exact positioning of the workpiece.

Benefits of Rotary Tables

Rotary tables offer several benefits compared to other methods of positioning a workpiece for machining purposes. First and foremost, they are incredibly accurate – much more so than manual methods such as using calipers or rulers to measure angles. Furthermore, since they are motorized tools, they can easily be programmed to rotate precisely through different angles quickly and without error. Finally, rotary tables offer greater flexibility than other methods since they can be attached to various machine beds depending on the application.

Overall, rotary tables offer many advantages regarding the precise positioning of a workpiece during metalworking operations. Their accuracy and flexibility make them invaluable tools for any shop dealing with complex machining tasks that require exact measurements every time. If you're looking for reliable performance from your rotary table, Silvercnc offers an array of products that will meet your needs - no matter what type of machining project you're working on!

CNC Rotary Table For CNC Machining Centers:

4 Axis Rotary Table

Silvercnc's 4 axis rotary table is a technological marvel for milling and drilling operations. It is constructed of top-quality materials and features 100% tooth engagement on all axes, resulting in precise rotations to an accuracy of 0.001 degrees. The rotary table is fast, reliable, and highly dynamic, allowing the user to move around complex objects quickly. With a 12000 RPM spindle speed and a 6200 feed rate, it delivers superior rotational performance resulting in improved tolerance levels, marveled by production professionals. It has become the choice tool for precision machining across various industries, from aerospace to automotive.

5 Axis Rotary Table

The 5 Axis Rotary Table is an incredibly versatile tool for rotational machining. Used in industrial and machinery operations, this rotary table enables five-way rotational movement between two axes, commonly known as A and B axes. With the ability to quickly and accurately index rotations up to 360 degrees on each axis, the rotary table opens up various machining possibilities that can be exceptionally useful when attempting complex projects. Furthermore, these rotary tables provide more stability than manual adjustments, allowing for more precise and accurate cuts. Versatile, dependable, and efficient, 5 Axis Rotary Tables are a great productivity booster in any CNC machining operation.

Horizontal Rotary Table

A Horizontal Rotary Table is an invaluable piece of equipment that has been essential in manufacturing since its invention. It is a device that rotates components to access hard-to-reach areas or works on multiple parts simultaneously with rotational and angular pieces. This machining rotary table can also be locked in fixed rotational positions and provides good accuracy so operators can assemble each part correctly. The rotary table offers a variety of applications for precision drilling, milling, turning, boring, and cutting operations, making it an incredibly versatile tool for any industrial operation.

Rotary Table Servo Motor

The rotary table servo motor from silvercnc is the perfect tool for precision rotary motion. It offers smooth and powerful rotations with various speeds that can be adjusted to accommodate your exact rotary needs. It offers durability and reliability, so you can rest assured that it will consistently deliver reliable results. Investing in a rotary table servo motor from silvercnc gives you high-quality machinery that can handle exact rotary operations.


For rotary table enthusiasts, the Tailstock by silvercnc is a must-have. This device provides a secure, efficient way to precisely and quickly align rotational tools for industrial machining processes. It features step-less speed adjustment and a two-way brake control lever, which is ideal for high-precision rotary applications. With its lightweight design and fully adjustable turret, this Tailstock has been designed to ensure that rotary table operations are exact and reliable. Whether you're looking to save time and money on rotary tasks or seeking superior motion control solutions, the Tailstock by silvercnc is the perfect solution.

The rotary table by silvercnc is revolutionary in its design. It features many great features that make it easy to take on projects of any size with the same accuracy and precision. Its lightweight and durable construction provides durability that lasts for years, making it a perfect investment for your shop. In terms of design, it offers an intuitive interface allowing users to switch quickly between functions while maintaining consistent control over accuracy and precision. Finally, the high-quality materials used in its build ensure you won't have to worry about wear and tear soon. With all these fantastic benefits, this product will surely be the best rotary table for your needs. So what are you waiting for? Head over to silvercnc today and get this special equipment from their website now!